“Dirty Rice” Mad Caddies Vinyl Album


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"Dirty Rice" - Mad Caddies Vinyl Album

  • Title: Dirty Rice
  • Artist: Mad Caddies
  • Format: Vinyl LP
  • Release Year: 2014
  • Genre: Ska Punk, Reggae, Alternative


Mad Caddies' "Dirty Rice," released in 2014, is a ska punk and reggae fusion gem. This vinyl LP delivers a genre-blending, feel-good experience, featuring tracks like "Brand New Scar," "Down and Out," and "Love Myself."

With insightful lyrics and infectious melodies, the album combines musical prowess with playful charm. The vinyl edition adds warmth and authenticity to your listening experience.

Whether you're a Mad Caddies fan or a newcomer, "Dirty Rice" on vinyl is a must-have for those who appreciate genre fusion and the joy of music.


1. Brand New Scar
2. Love Myself
3. Down and Out
4. Shoot Out the Lights
5. Dangerous
6. Bring It Down
7. Shot In the Dark
8. Little Town
9. Airplane
10. Callie’s Song
11. Back To the Bed
12. Drinking the Night Away


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